Sunday, August 23, 2020

Fourth Symphony completed

  Russo completed work on his Fourth Symphony this month.  This three movement tonal symphony utilizes a choir in the third movement.  The complete work runs approximately 38 minutes.  If you would like to listen to the computer generated sound files of each movement you may do so below. The instrumentation of this symphony: 2222 3331 TM, PC Strings (third movement: choir)   Percussion instruments: Tam-tam, crash cymbal, snare drum, Tubular bells, triangle, side drum, jingle bells,  bass drum, suspended cymbal, chime tree

Here is some descriptive information about this symphony:  

About this work:
conductors note: for the third movement (first measure)  the choir should be distributed throughout the audience as equally as possible -- after 10 seconds of whispering "I am Love" along with the audience the choir members continue whispering while taking their places on stage.
When they are all in place conductor cuts off audience and continues with piece.
The motivation behind each movement of this symphony:
Movement 1:   The Father – strong & powerful – and continuing to evolve
Movement 2:   The Son – His Birth then His suffering, death and resurrection
Movement 3:   The Holy Spirit – Love exists within us and throughout the universe
Movement 1:  Evolution – everything and everyone is on a continual journey of evolution….
Movement 2:  Life: Birth & Death & Resurrection
Movement 3:  Love exists within every person….first we need to acknowledge that fact…”I am Love”…..then we each need to determine how to express it to the world
Note: only the third movement utilizes a choir

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